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GENERAL REGULATIONS: The money deposited into the system is converted to buy & use services, not convertible into cash or refundable.

- By using the services of, you agree to our terms by agreeing to our terms. By registering an account, you have read and understood all the terms. does not provide legal assistance or any other assistance to users.

- does not fully commit to the accuracy of the time in the services. We provide a relatively accurate estimate of the running time of the servers. This is only an estimate and is statistically reported in the "Details" section next to the servers.

- We will make appropriate policy changes with notice, you are responsible for reading all policies and terms before placing any orders.

- Payment methods may change over time.

- is not liable for any harm to you and your company.

- is not responsible for any images or content on social networks.


- Do not use multiple services at the same time (or from different suppliers). If you want to use more with the same link, please wait for the order to be reported Successful or Canceled. We cannot increase the exact number if you use other services. We will not refund or guarantee in this case. Please note!

- In case the order drops, please wait for us to refund the service or the amount before placing a new order. We cannot automatically cancel immediately, if you place a new order while under warranty, we do not accept warranty for that order and you will lose the warranty.

- The system will automatically count when starting, so do not ask us if it includes VIEW/LIKE/SUBS... of yours. We only count the starting and ending numbers.

- After placing an order, if you change the username on your own, set the account to private, set the content to private, close the account, lock the account, or the order link is incorrect in structure, wrong running condition. We are not responsible for refunds or processing your orders.

- If you have run on other systems we will not guarantee with that link.

- If you place an order for SV "NOT WARRANTY" and sever "WITH WARRANTY" for the same link. We will not guarantee for that link (WITH WARRANTY + NOT WARRANTY = NOT WARRANTY).

- We only accept order cancellations if the order encounters a system error, in case of error from you we will not refund the money.

- If the current service is under permanent warranty and the order has been completed before. When there is an incident causing the server to not operate for warranty. We reserve the right to stop the warranty for that order.

- Permanent warranty orders may change warranty time in between or not carry out warranty depending on the server situation at that time.

- We warranty based on the initial and final numbers regardless of your views/likes/sub... If within the order count range we will carry out the warranty if meeting the requirements.

- Links eligible to purchase services:

  • Do not set the account to private
  • Do not block countries
  • Do not set to friend mode
  • Do not enable age restrictions
  • If the link is faulty during the running process due to your settings change, we will not warranty.

- Some services when purchased will come with additional likes/views/comments... we do not warranty these accompanying gifts if they drop.

- If the order does not perform after 1 day or is automatically canceled then you should stop placing that type of server and notify the admin via Zalo or the "Support Request" section for processing.

- No warranty if the link structure is changed (e.g., changing the username causing the user name to change).

- Any threats or deliberate attempts to cause difficulty, misunderstanding, harm to, we will lock the account.

- When the order has been executed, if the system encounters a problem, that order will be refunded for the corresponding missing amount of the service.

- All services from the system (except advertising services from social networks) may drop if the algorithms of social networks change in the future, if the service does NOT DROP it means from the opening of the service to the present time there has been no drop situation. Please note.


  1. Placing too many orders of the same service for 1 link leading to system non-operation.
  2. Placing the wrong structure link of the service to be run.
  3. Mistakenly ordering the wrong service (e.g., buying personal followers but entering the service to buy Fanpage followers).
  4. Not reading all the terms of the website.
  5. Not making personal profiles public, likes, subs... when running the corresponding service
  6. Entering a shortened link instead of the original link


- If you do not agree and argue with us, we will apply the terms correctly and delete your account.

- Fraudulent activities will result in account lockout.

- Once an order has been refunded once, if views/likes/sub... continue to drop, we are not responsible for further refunds.


- We will seriously keep personal information confidential and protect your privacy.

- All personal information is only used for ordering purposes on the website. We will not sell or distribute it to anyone.


- Any case of fraud we detect will immediately result in account lockout and non-payment.

- If the referred person requests withdrawal or

- If the referred person requests withdrawal or is deducted for any reason, your commission will also be reduced accordingly.

if the referred person is deducted for any reason, your commission will also be reduced accordingly.

- If the referred person receives a special discount on any service, the commission will only be added to your account on the website, or if you request a withdrawal, we will assist in withdrawing the commission you received.

- If the referred person becomes an affiliate and the referral account is also an affiliate, the referrer will not receive commission from that referred person.

- If you deliberately register multiple accounts through your own referral link, we will lock the accounts and not pay the commission for all those accounts.


- "Success" status: Order has been completed 100%

- "Processing" status: Order received and waiting to run

- "Running" status: System is running the order

- "Paused" status: Order is stopped due to an error

- "Canceled" status: Order canceled by the system

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