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YouTube Premium - Ad-Free YouTube Experience

Enjoy Ad-Free Videos

With YouTube Premium, you can watch millions of videos without ads. Ads include both pre-roll and mid-roll ads, as well as banner ads, search result ads, and overlay ads on videos. You may still see ads or branded content embedded in creators' content that YouTube does not control.

Ad-Free Videos are supported on all devices and platforms that you can sign in to with your Google account, including compatible smart TVs/game consoles and the YouTube, YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming, and YouTube Kids apps for mobile devices if these apps are available in your location.

YouTube Music Premium

You also get access to YouTube Music Premium as part of your benefits. With YouTube Music Premium, you can:

  • Enjoy millions of songs and videos on YouTube Music without ads.
  • Download songs and videos to your mobile device for offline listening.
  • Use background play to continue listening to music while using other apps.
  • Switch to audio-only mode to listen to music without video.
  • Download videos to watch offline if you don't have an internet connection. You can download videos for offline viewing using the YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Gaming apps (and watch automatically downloaded videos in the YouTube Kids app) if these apps are available in your location when you sign in to the app with your YouTube Premium account.

YouTube Originals

Watch all YouTube Originals series and movies from some of YouTube's most successful creators as soon as they are released.

Warranty Policy Warranty Period

  • 12 months

Exclusion of Liability The shop may refuse warranty in cases of:

  • Customers voluntarily leaving the family during use.
  • Customers using accounts that violate Google/Youtube policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to use the shop's existing account or my own account? The shop will upgrade your account to Premium, so you will use your own account to watch YouTube. After purchasing, you just need to click on the Family invitation link to be upgraded immediately.

  2. What should I do after purchasing YouTube Premium? After purchasing, we will send an invitation link to the Family. You just need to click on the link to accept the invitation. Remember to check your email to join the Family.

  3. Can I renew to continue using after it expires? Yes, after it expires, you can leave the Family you joined with the shop (Leave here) and then purchase a renewal package to continue using. However, according to Google's policy, within a year, you can only be in a maximum of 2 families. So, to ensure continuous use with one YouTube account, choose to purchase a 1-year renewal product. (If you choose to purchase a 6-month package, you can only renew twice in a row)

  4. What if I accidentally leave the Family or use the wrong Google account? Can I switch to another account? Yes, you can inbox the Fanpage for Customer Support to help you switch to a new account.

  5. How many devices can the YouTube Premium account be logged into? The YouTube account can be logged into multiple devices, currently Google does not provide an exact number, however, in practice, you can use it on 5 normal devices.

  6. Can others in the family see my Google account information? Your personal information is absolutely confidential. Family only helps share the YouTube Premium package, other users cannot view your personal information.

  7. My account has exceeded the number of times I can join a family in a year. The shop advises me to change to a new Google account, but I don't want to change my YouTube account. What should I do? You can transfer your YouTube channel from the old Google account to the new one, keeping your viewing history, comments, and subscriptions according to the instructions HERE.

  8. Can my Google account from abroad join the family? Currently, Mualikefollow only supports upgrading for Google accounts in the Vietnam region. If your account is from abroad, please inbox the Fanpage for support to change the Country to Vietnam.

  9. Can I use the email provided by my company, school to join the family? Emails with G-suite format managed by a 3rd party cannot join the family, please use a personal email to join the family.

  10. Is the usage time counted from the time of purchase or from the time I join the family? The usage time is counted from the time of purchase, so you should join the family immediately after purchasing to avoid losing usage days.

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